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We aim to provide great after-sales. Our relationship should help develop ideas and projects into IT Solutions.

Remote Support

Elegantly simple and extremely fast remote support.

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How it works?

An increasing amount of issues can be resolved without an engineer attending site. We provide two remote support solutions; TeamViewer which will temporarily provide TechMen with control of your computer and FaceTime for issues that may require visual aid for the engineer like Router reboots or Wi-Fi issues. There are many benefits to both, including time and cost saving.


Depending on services our engineers have installed / services you already have, will depend on the cost of a remote connection. There are no subscriptions / contracts, but a pre-arranged agreement around the use of this service in relation to cost. Pricing will be subject to a business review.


If you are ready for an engineer to connect, please use the links above depending on what your engineer has advised. FaceTime link will only work in Safari browsers.


TechMen aims to provide a great value, honest and fair service. Feel free to call TechMen anytime if you would like an estimate or have any further questions.


SLA: Prearranged


Cost: Subject to Business Review



Same Day Remote Response

SLA: Up to 12 Hours


Cost: Subject to Business Review



Immediate Remote Response

SLA: Less Than 30 minutes


Cost: Subject to Business Review



Remote Support up to 30 minutes.


Our Customer Service Improvement Program

Service Review

What’s the Vision?

To review business services on a regular basis. The aim of this process is to improve service quality where necessary, and to identify more economical ways of providing a service where possible.

Narrow the Focus

Where are we now?

Having this information can help you put together a targeted plan for identifying problem areas while maintaining progress in area that customers find satisfactory.

Develop a Strategy

Where do we want to be?

Write out a plan that identifies the key areas of customer service that need immediate attention. Identify short-term issues you can address right away, as well as long-term initiatives that will take longer to implement.

Improvement Plan

How do we get there?

Lets be SMART about it, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. A change management effort should also be included in the strategy implementation process.

Communicate Changes

Did we get there?

A communications plan should outline the content and frequency of communications and include methods to receive feedback.

Customer Service Evaluation

How do we keep the momentum going?

The cycle of 1-5 needs to be repeated over and over and it actually never ends. This is important to make sure that the vision is continuously verified and you align your action to a changing environment.


Work in progress

Coming Soon

More information coming soon.

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Service List

A more 'techie' list of things we can do

What do we do?

TechMen aims to provide a great value, honest and fair service. We provide many services for many platforms, the list below is a list of services available, followed by device support / feature of the service. Feel free to call TechMen anytime if you would like an estimate or have any further questions.


Desktop & Laptops

Removal - Malware | Virus | Trojan | Spyware

Protection - Malware | Virus | Trojan | Spyware


Slow Computer Clean Ups

Computer Wipe & Restore

Military Wipe Devices Before Sale / Disposal

Improve Cooling (Heat affects speed and life)


Software Updates – Windows | Drivers | Microsoft | Adobe | Java and more.


Hardware Upgrades – RAM | HDD | SSD | CPU | PSU | Mobo | GPU | ODD

Hardware Replace – Memory | Hard Drive | Solid State Drive | Processor | Power Supply | Motherboards | Graphics Cards | Optical Disk Drive



Desktop, Laptops, Mobiles & Tablets

Hardware Fault Diagnostics

Software Fault Diagnostics

Transfer, Backup, Restore – Photos | Videos | Documents | Music

Photos, Videos, Music – DVD, MP4, AVI, WMV, Facebook MP4 and more.



WiFi / Broadband

WiFi Trouble Shooting - Channel Checking | GHz Verification

WiFi Improving - Relocation (inc Cabling) | Upgrade Router | Power-line adapters

Robust networks for Home and Small Business

Cat5e / Ethernet cable runs and port installation



Home / Office

Mounting – Monitors | Computers | TV’s to Walls & Desks

Robust networks for Home and Small Business

Cloud Solutions – Backups | Servers | Office 365


Websites - Designing | Developing | Maintaining


Office Installs - Building Desks | Wall Ports | IT equipment.

Meeting room installs – Projectors | Large Screen TVs | Conference Solutions (Skype)




TeamViewer and FaceTime Remote Support - 24/7 (Schedule)


IT Advisor / Consultant – Upcoming Projects and more


IT Contractor – Experienced 1st and 2nd Line Helpdesk Analyst available for long term contracts.






Our promise to you

“Deliver reliable, dependable services.”


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Create powerful websites, office space and desktops to support your business.




Installing robust networks, offices and meeting rooms for home and small businesses.




We aim to provide great after-sales. Our relationship should help develop ideas and projects into IT Solutions.

Our mission


Our mission is to provide cost-effective support and services with reliable quality, quick lead-time and good after-sale service to our customers. With commitment to price and quality, our skilled engineers are on-hand to remove the complexities of IT for home users and small businesses.

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